Chakhne Pe Charcha is a comedy show that is created with the purpose of reaching out to the young generation who has grown habitual of killing their leisure time by watching multitudinous vines on the Internet. Instead of evoking laughter out of the same, run-of-the-mill stories; Chakhne Pe Chakhna is trying to bestow you with amusing concepts that are equally resourceful to contemplate.

While exercising a cocksure language which you can relate with, the show follows an unorthodox approach of presenting its bohemian characters. Often woofing about the quotidian life problems, they offer you a different perspective of appraising things. Occasionally flocking together for a glass of whisky cannoned with some chakhna, their troublesome yet vibrant life becomes your source of entertainment. And it’s the amount of happiness that you garner at the end which serves as our paycheck.

Our Latest Video

कांग्रेस पार्टी के घोटाले आज़ादी से अब तक | Scams of Congress Party

In the new episode of Chakhne pe Charcha ‘कांग्रेस पार्टी के घोटाले’, Bubbly, Pawan and Jaggi elucidate the scams done by Congress Party. The major cause of extreme corruption in India, UPA government was in Power for seventy years and they destroyed the nation. Watch the video as the trio list their unending scam and scandals with precise figures in a rowdy manner. Subscribe the channel for more entertaining yet informative videos of your favorite web series.


Bubbly Singh

Exemplifies the struggles and sorrows of a married Indian guy in his early thirties.

Pawan Dhondhiyal

The most reformed fella in the group, Dhondi is the person to reckon with.

Jagat Jogi (Jaggi)

A reckless drunk who neither can hold his liquor, nor his life.

Tuk Tuk Sharma

The friend who keeps water under the bridge whenever things go bonkers.

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