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कांग्रेस पार्टी के घोटाले आज़ादी से अब तक | Scams of Congress Party

In the new episode of Chakhne pe Charcha ‘कांग्रेस पार्टी के घोटाले’, Bubbly, Pawan and Jaggi elucidate the scams done by Congress Party. The major cause of extreme corruption in India, UPA government was in Power for seventy years and they destroyed the nation. Watch the video as the trio list their unending scam and scandals with precise figures in a rowdy manner. Subscribe the channel for more entertaining yet informative videos of your favorite web series.

महात्मा गाँधी के जीवन का काला अध्याय | Mahatma Gandhi Exposed | Bapu vs Lal Bahadur Shastri

On the eve of Gandhi Jayanti 2017, fathom the truth of so called ‘Bapu’ of India. जानिये महात्मा गाँधी का काला अध्याय Black Chapter of Mahatma Gandhi Exposed in fullest form. Know his deepest darkest secrets, गाँधी और यौन शोषण from sexual harrasment to spreading corruption - garner the history of Gandhiji and further, a battle of him vs Lal Bahadur Shastri, the best prime minister of India. Watch our special video on the occasion and apprehend the reality of Tharki ठरकी गाँधी.

Why China is scared of India ? Indo-China War | Doklam Issue | Brahmos Missile

Why China is scared of India? Why are they afraid of attacking India after creating so much hype? Will the result of 1962 Indo-China War have any effect on Doklam Issue? What role will Brahmos Missile play? How much beneficial is it to boycott Chinese products ?

Boycott Chinese Products | Make in India | Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan

Watch Chakhne Pe Charcha and join the argument on Make in India as Jaggi promises to contribute in Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan and help boycott the use of Chinese Products.

Salman ki Tubelight | Dhinchak Pooja ka Gaana | Parody Song

Salman Khan ki Tubelight and Dhinchak Pooja ka Gaana; both are trending topics of the nation. Watch Team Chakhne Pe Charcha dropping a beat on the same with a parody song.

Whatsapp ki Maa ki Aankh | Social Networking

Are annoyed by the application we call Whatsapp? Join the convo as Team Chakhne pe Charcha scrutinize the social networking generation. Watch Whatsapp ki Maa ki Aankh.

Clean India | Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan

Do you support Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan? If yes then how well are you contributing to Clean India movement? Watch the latest episode of Chakhne Pe Charcha and join the argument.

Mauka Mauka | India vs Pakistan | Champions Trophy

Watch the new Mauka Mauka presentation of Chakhne Pe Charcha for the upcoming India vs Pakistan Champions Trophy 2017 final match.

Is India a Poor Country ? | Justin Bieber Mumbai Concert | Snapchat

Reconsider whether CEO of Snapchat was correct whether India is a poor country or not? Especially when people can spend 76000 for Justin Bieber Mumbai Concert?.

Mauka Mauka | India vs Bangladesh | Rashid Latif on Sehwag | Champions Trophy

Mauka Mauka ad centered on video of Rashid Latif on Sehwag; watch Team Chakhne pe Charcha bash their Pakistani friend on upcoming India vs Bangladesh Champions Trophy match.

Indian Army in Kashmir | Political Comedy | Hindi Vines

Centered on the unfortunate state of Indian Army in Kashmir; Watch the latest episode of Chakhne Pe Charcha, a Political comedy. Subscribe now for more Vines in Hindi.

Mauka Mauka | Chakhne Pe Charcha | India vs Pakistan Champions Trophy

Watch special video of Chakhne pe Charcha on India vs Pakistan Champions Trophy as Bubbly reminds his Pakistani friend about the upcoming mauka for his cricket team.

Tax Payers Vs Non Tax Payers

Watch the new episode of Chakhne Pe Charcha “Tax Payers versus Non-Tax payers” and be part of the quarrel regarding why or whether we should pay taxes or not?

Kejriwal - EVM Machine

Is EVM Machine Hack possible? Watch Episode 2 of ‘Chakhne Pe Charcha’ and find Kejriwal exposed by Dhondi, Jaggi, Tuk-Tuk and Bubbly.

Yogi Ji ka Faisla

Watch the first episode of ‘Chakhne Pe Charcha’ as the gang debates who is the real Baahubali - IPL 2017 or Yogi Ji ka Faisla?

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